Website design and management


Web Site Development, Design and Promotion Services

Plugin Media Group, the leading edge in website development, management and promotion. We develop, maintain and most importantly promote business websites for companies ranging from a single-location, retail store on the “Main Street” of your home town to multimillion dollar franchisers with locations all over the world. Our professional team of web design and promotion experts pride themselves on producing websites that do real business.

Online marketing, online shop


Online advertising for various of our brands, websites and customers by choosing the most accurate marketing and analysing the results.

Following the newest trends in global marketing and applying them in the most effective manner.

Our shopping systems are exclusive and custom made.

Online brand development


Creating, developing and marketing new Internet-related services and products to the international market place.

Building new international brands supported by strong online marketing campaigns, using the latest marketing techniques to ensure the global success of each brand and service.

SEO solutions


Need to make your website more findable? Then you’ve come to the right place! The experts at our company have all the expertise needed to create higher search engine rankings for your website. Needless to say, you want your website to be found on that particular keyword, otherwise the competition will run off with your business.

Search engine optimization means that your website is adjusted ‘under the bonnet’. We make your website more readable for search engines. As a result, your website will be better positioned within search engines. However, we also assist you in creating more relevant content on your website. Moreover, we help you achieve strong link popularity for your website by means of link building.

The more relevant visitors you attract, the more customers you get. We use Google Analytics to continually keep you informed of the latest results. This program allows us, for example, to let you know right away how much you have earned with every money spent.


Live broadcasting


Broadcast live on the web with our video streaming solution

Live and on demand streaming media is what we do at Plugin Media Group with the finest in live streaming video and stored media content delivery.

If you would like to broadcast government meetings, concerts, weddings, graduations, religious events or sporting events over internet, our solutions can handle any size demand. Plugin Media Group has the perfect streaming solution for you. Our streaming solutions can be customized for Conference, Live Chat and Video marking for chaptering On Demand Content.

No matter whether you are a seasoned online professional or you are looking to stream an event live for the first time, Plugin Media Group has the experience and expertise to assist you in every possible ways.

Video production, post production, vod


We own the complete production process of our movie-making from A to Z.

We produce for all current formats of multimedia entertainment: From productions for Internet websites, over productions for mobile streaming devices to productions for cable, satelite and Hotel TV, DVD’s and VOD.



Mobile entertainment


We produce and provide video and audio streaming for any smart device

We design and develop entertainment and multimedia applications for mobile phones. We have deployed many challenging multimedia and entertainment applications.